We're all going to be keeping our notes in a weblog, otherwise known as a blog.

Students in LTEC 647C are expected to start and maintain a blog that lives on free/open source software. This blog will be your sounding board, your opportunity for reflection, and your thought stash. You may even enjoy blogging. One of the more powerful features of the Web is the ability for individuals to self-publish. Let's take advantage of this.

You will need to choose one of two options for starting your blog:

  • Jekyll/Github blog

But how do I choose which blogging platform to use?

By far, the easier option is to use a free blog at Wordpress is the software platform that powers about a third of all websites, and is free software. You can start a Wordpress blog by simply visiting, choosing a domain name (ie, and selecting a style "theme". There is no cost to create a blog, and all post editing can be done with a graphical user interface (GUI), requiring no knowledge of code or software.

You can find out more about using a blog here:

The other option is to start a Jekyll blog and use Github Pages for hosting. This is also a 100% free option, and it requires some knowledge of computer software, but it does provide a more open and transparent blog option. I've created a basic template on Github that you can fork, customize to your liking, and start blogging right away.

You can find out more about blogging with Jekyll and Github pages here:

Feel free to take a look at the Github code repository here:

You can choose either option, but you must choose one FOSS blogging platform. We will be using our blogs in the beginning of the course, and adding posts throughout. Enjoy!

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